RPG World Online (RPGWO) is an online, multiplayer, persistent, role playing game.
It has old school graphics with modern, new school features.
RPGWO has been up and running since November 2000!!!

V3 Info and V1 Server.exe

September 2010
By: Mickey
Work on version 3 of RPGWO for Facebook is still in progress and going well. Anyone can test this browser-based version at V3 Test Page. Hopefully within 6 months it will be opened properly on facebook.
I took all the date-limit code in the released server.exe out and posted it in download section using the same name. I also posted the old Shianne gawd prayers which included a Reveal Ore prayer which some people have asked about.

Server Changes

January 2010
By: Mickey
I am closing my server and moving the website to UT's machine. Things have been pretty slow and I am busy on other projects so the $110 a month is no longer worth it.
One of those projects is a new client for RPGWO using Silverlight, targeting social networks. We'll see what happens.
If you are having trouble with the updater then get the new updater.zip from the download section.
Thanks for playing!

Crucible and Server v1.15 Release

September 2009
By: Mickey
Closed Horizon a few months ago but opened up Crucible which is a newb friendly, dungeon hybrid world.
I finally decided to release the RPGWO V1.15 server. You can get the link in the download section. Enjoy!

Took Some Time Off

March 2009
By: Mickey
After tons of work on V2 and Horizon, I needed a break back in December. Also had some real life stuff happen that took my time. I am back working on V2 but not as much as before. I was mostly disappointed that at first Horizon really got going then it died off very fast. And I was there running things too but perhaps all the V2 changes, like slow XP gain and ore weapons, drove people away. I kinda got the feeling too that it was really the same old game with nothing really noteworthy to make it something new. I dont know. I am still gonna tinker with V2 but I feel for me and my goals that I need to move on to a more modern language and methods. Like 3D or at least something other than a GUI interface language. People and myself still like RPGWO so I don't expect it to ever die completely.
I do have an idea for RPGWO 3 which turns the game into an RTS/RPG like Galactic Venture but I am hesitant to get dragged into a large VB6 project. But players have seemed interested and it would be a whole new game based on the RPGWO "engine".
As always, thanks to everyone who has played and supported RPGWO in the past, present and the future!

Opened up a New Version 2 World called: Horizon

October 2008
By: Mickey
Opened up Horizon which is using Version 2 of the RPGWO engine. It is a newb friendly world. That doesn't mean the players are any friendlier. It means it has a newbie area seperate from the main world which allows new players to learn the game system.

Updated the Links Page

May 2008
By: Mickey
Added a bunch of fansite links.

Website Re-Worked

February 2008
By: Mickey
Re-worked the website. Removed old stuff and added some new.

Started work on RPGWO Version 2!!!

November 2007
By: Mickey
Here are some of the new features, changes, and improvements planned or thinking about:
  • Isometric style graphics
  • Chat tabs
  • GUI interface to replace some text commands like Mail and Guilds
  • Larger view, filling in a 1024x768 screen (used to be 800x600)
Classic RPGWO is not going to be shutdown unless people stop playing it of course. Otherwise, I will continue to support its operation.

End of Summer :(

Spetember 2007
By: Mickey
Closed Xerxes and opened up a new world called Asylum which is run by Guin and Silk.

Recent Downtime

June 29, 2007
By: Mickey
UT's machine went down and is/was having problems. The website was on there but I have now moved it onto my new machine since it seems to be stable now. Here is the lastest updater that should work.